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If your question is "I wonder if they can help with _____?", the answer is YES!

Sometimes knowing what your car needs is straightforward - if it doesn't stop well, the brakes need work.  Other times, it's not so simple, and this is where Capital Car Care has made its name.  Because of the extensive education, training, and experience that we have, we can leverage our in-depth knowledge of automobiles to quickly and accurately pinpoint and correct problems with your vehicle. 

We have thousands of dollars of state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment that aids us in proper troubleshooting ensuring you the fastest turnaround times at the lowest cost.  


Sample high level capabilities include:

  • Automatic and Manual Transmission repair and replacement
  • Fuel Injection and associated electronics, sensors, and mechanics
  • Differential and Transfer Case Service and Repair
  • Ignition and Timing Systems, Electronics, and Computers
  • HVAC/Air Conditioning System Service, Recharging, and Optimization
  • Complete Diesel overhaul and service
  • Engine rebuilds and overhauls

...And much, much more!


From A to Z, we know your vehicle best!  


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